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Acrohouse Properties was set up with the sole aim to provide a level of customer care that is well above prevailing industry standards. The company has been set-up by an investment banker who brings with him more than a decade of corporate experience and a firm belief that the client’s interest should always come first. The company has taken this business principle to heart and we firmly believe that if we serve our clients well, our own success will follow. We know without the best people we cannot be the best firm. Hence we put an extra effort to identify and recruit the very best people to work with us. Only candidates who display the required intelligence and willingness to comply with regulatory and internal framework are selected to be part of our company. Our candidates then go through rigorous training before they are allowed to service our clients. In an industry where most players are fixated with growing in size, our company distinguishes itself as one that one that prioritizes the quality of its team over the size of its team. Recognizing the need for cultural diversity our company can boast of being a truly multi-cultural organization. The result has been that our clients experience dealing with top quality property consultants in the industry and we experiencing one of the lowest staff turnover in the industry. Acrohouse was founded in June 2011, when the Dubai Property market was in recession. Whilst the idea of starting a real estate company at that time surprised many, we were confident about our ability to succeed in a difficult time. Our clear vision and firm belief in the Dubai property market combined with our financial strength and integrity enabled us to navigate through difficult times successfully. We are proud to be a local company staffed by quality expatriates with a firm commitment to serving the Dubai community. Acrohouse is committed to serve the Dubai property market for years to come.
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