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Duvest Real Estate Brokers LLC, is a Dubai based Real Estate Brokerage House, part of Duvest Group, offers you the best services ever in Dubai real estate sector. We offer the following services to our clients. For buyers, we offer best value, affordable properties that either show good capital appreciation results or generate high rental yields. Our team is passionate in what they do, so they achieve best for their clients as well. Every seller wants to sell their property slightly higher than or equal to market price or at the earliest. What we offering to them: Their property will come on all marketing portals that Duvest is exploring ie: Gulf News, Dubizzle, Property Finder, Just Rentals, Just Property, and company website. Apart from that what property needs to explained brief introduction of the community, surroundings, location, nicely briefed view and floor plan and most importantly what is the market price going on in the market for same property and fixture. If Seller exclusively register their property with us, we assure to sell property at good price as quick as possible. If you are an investor, wants to earn high yield on Investment along with, minimizing your risk then you are welcome to our Investor’s club. We are investing in big consortium according to risk appetite of investor. We have professionals working on the feasibilities of the projects and after passing pre-set evaluation criteria, it has to be approved by our Senior Ex-Bankers, who are having decade of experience handling multi billions Dirhams projects. After evaluation investors meeting is called up by the fund manager and briefing session is launched about project timeline, expected yield, level of risk and other factors. After taking them into confidence, we invest funds into approved projects.
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