Essential Information

When visiting Dubai, many people are unsure as to what is allowed in this libDubai essential informationeral Islamic country. We have compiled a list of essential visitor information for people visiting on a short-stay to Dubai.

Alcohol is available at the many bars and restaurants in the city. It can also be purchased at the Dubai airport at Dubai Duty Free outlets. This is for drinking in your private residence. It is not permitted to drink alcohol in outdoor public areas except for bars and restaurants. 

During the month of Ramadan, it is not permitted to eat, drink, smoke in public during daylight hours. Food can be consumed in a private residence. Some restaurants will serve food during this time as will most hotels. However, there is the daily 'Iftar' feast at all the restaurants and hotels. This is a buffet served to break the daily fast and a must try. 

Pork is available at some supermarkets and restaurants. 

While Dubai is very liberal, rowdy behaviour and in particular swearing is not tolerated. Nor is any anti-Muslim remarks. Please be respectful in public. 

It is not permitted to take pictures of locals or Muslim women without their permission as this is considered anti-Islamic. 

Drink-driving, even with one unit of alcohol, is not allowed. There is zero tolerance and being caught carries a jail sentence - typically of one month.