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Lakeside Real Estate – A New and Honest approach to Property purchase. Our simple strategy: “The last thing we will ever do is sell you something!” For a property company in a thriving sales driven market, this, we agree, is indeed a rather “different” opening line for a company, but as you read on, you will see that our point of difference is why you, like many others, will find comfort, peace of mind and finally: your perfect investment or life home with Lakeside View Real Estate… So, “the last thing we will do is sell you something” what exactly do we mean by this? Well, having been a part of the booming property market here in Dubai since its freehold inception and being a rather cautious and analytical company we have devised our own unique procedures and indeed advisory systems for our customers cum friends that insure that they eventually not only buy what they “really” want, but get no unpleasant surprises on-route. We believe that buying a property is a huge investment, not only of money but also of dreams and as such caution and due diligence should be applied in equal measure. We take pride in processing these steps with and on your behalf always. Our aim is to find the perfect purchase, save/make you money and add colour to those aforementioned dreams to boot. Of course Lakeside is a client centric business and we aim to please, but a straight and honest appraisal of your intended purchase position, your investment returns, management opportunities, and finally rental yield cannot, we believe, do anything other than truly help you towards your end goal. This approach has been widely applauded buy individual purchasers and investment banks alike; we hope that it will be welcoming to you too! We believe you should take prior step when contacting any property company here in Dubai. The advice is free and truly valuable. Please take the time to read through what we believe you should do to attain the “Perfect Purchase” and then in turn contact us for a personal and confidential consultation. At Lakeside “The last thing we will do is sell you something” but if and when we do get to a point of purchase “we assure you” you will have total confidence and peace of mind…is there a better way to walk into you new investment or home?
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