Buyers Guide

Dubai has an amazing amount to offer. It is now known as the home of cutting edge seven star hotels, Western friendly alcohol laws, and abundant tax-free shopping.

Dubai's desire to transform itself into a world leading centre of commerce, tourism and architectural grandeur has attracted the attention and envy of the world. Given the government's wealth, Dubai has been evolving with almost unseemly haste.

Activities vary from the desert safari to the skiing at the indoor dome. There are traditional heritage areas to be visited along side the many luxurious modern offerings of the vast array of super luxury hotels.

There is vast array of malls that now include the world's largest shopping mall which also houses the worlds largest aquarium. To name but a few Dubai is home to tallest building in the world, the 7* hotel (also tallest hotel), the worlds largest man made marina and of course the Palm Island that is often described as the eight wonder of the world. In the midst of all this concrete, Dubai has several world class golf courses, horse racing courses and large mature parks.