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SKAI Real Estate is a new brokerage firm in the UAE that will change the way the industry operates. We know the law and will stick to it – forcing market regulation.
Whether you want to buy, sell or rent property, our promise and commitment to you is as follows:
Our promise:

No more than 1.99% commission: Believe it or not, most agents take a 2% commission from both parties of the transaction, giving them 4% or more commission on the deal. We will represent only one party and will not charge more than 1.99% commission on any deal. This guarantees the lowest commission charged to you and therefore the best deal.
No hidden commissions: Agents often get extra commission by not being transparent to the parties involved. They charge a higher price to the buyer and take home the "top-up". For example: A selling price of AED1 million is presented to a buyer at AED1.1 million + 2% commission, where the seller would be told AED1 million is the market price. As a result, the agent takes home AED100,000 i.e. 10% + the 2% commission, so he gets 12% commission in total! This makes the deal unfair to both parties as the agent benefits from both – so he is only looking out for himself. We assure 100% transparency and the lowest commission, so you get the best deal!
Represent only one party – buyer or seller: Often agents in the UAE represent both parties. How can they help both without being unfair? Just like lawyers, we commit our loyalty to only one party assuring you that you are getting the best deal as there is no conflict of interest.
Respect privacy: We will make sure that your information doesn't go to anyone else or any database! A lot of money is made selling contact information. We assure you that you will not receive any cold calls because of us.
Your partners from start to finish: We will make sure the transaction takes place as smoothly as possible, with no hassle to our client. This includes dealing with the land department and sorting out all the paperwork until the property is transferred.

Options and more options…
The list of properties we have on offer is varied and extensive, allowing us to provide multiple options to help find you exactly what you are looking for at the price you want. Depending on your needs, we can also offer investment advice that will help your decision-making. We would like to become your long-term trusted partners for any property investment you would like to undertake. We are licensed by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) within the Dubai Land Department and registered in the UAE Brokers' Register.
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