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Tatweer Properties is a professional Brokerage- Sales, Leasing and Property Management Company that focuses on prime communities and properties in Abu Dhabi. It was formed by a team of proficient property experts who guarantee consistent results by incorporating relevant strategic and systematic approach with the highest commitment to exceptional services and integrity. Tatweer Properties constantly challenges tradition to better integrate versatile market conditions with the general scheme of the industry. It provides realistic and up-to-date information on market standing to both its clients and partners. Innovative and comprehensive methods are applied to the full spectrum of the business, from property evaluation and clients’ need assessment, up to property post hand-over activities.

Tatweer Properties offers the following services: Sales Brokerage – Selling & commencing a deal between two parties
Leasing Brokerage – Matching tenant requirements with a suitable unit, and managing tenancy contracts and tenant checkin/out
Property Management – Handling administration, operation, control, and over sight of proper ties for whatever purpose the owners’ intend it for such as Lease Property Management
Property Evaluation – Analyzing & inspecting a property by an evaluator based on factors such as property condition, market value and concluding with appropriate property pricing.
Financial Assistance – Consulting, advising & easing out the process of achieving a financial loan of any kind, from any bank or financial institution to maintain smooth payment procedures

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